Sparkling beaches, animal preserves as well as cultural spots, this southeast African country is a must-see destination.


The moment they know all of the captivating qualities of Mozambique, plenty of people find it nearly unbelievable that this place isn’t filled with vacationers. This particular country, that rests across the Indian Ocean towards the northeast of South Africa, has produced a good bit of hype as among its continent’s most desirable spots. Then again, moderate tourism marketing initiatives and insufficient infrastructure have slowed down the growth.

Having said that, all of the ingredients are present. Mozambique has over 1,500 miles of shoreline. The majority of its coast is bordered by warm, blue oceans and lined by some sort of perfect pristine sand beaches where travelers spend their days wishing for. A number of huge offshore island chains also offer Eden-like characteristics. The oceans close to these archipelagos are full with vibrant underwater life. Inland animals nature preserves provide safari experiences, and also the towns, recognized by colonial-era structures as well as a laid-back, Portuguese-influenced African vibe, are as enchanting as any cities around the continent.


Mozambique offers stretches of unblemished golden beaches, magnificent creatures as well as angling communities in which ancestral traditions are preserved. From forest and mangroves to perfect coral reefs, the plethora of wildlife and plants offered in Mozambique is displayed in spectacular nature reserves all over the country. The fast-paced capital of Maputo is filled with historical past, artwork, music as well as a sanctuary for shopping. Within just driving distance you can find the Maputo Special Reserve, that is connected to parks in Swaziland and South Africa to make the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area. For world-class game drives, Maputo is the nearest to the airport to Kruger National Park.


Even more afield are spectacular National Parks like Gorongosa. Game drives, as well as treks towards the waterfalls of this re-emerging park, uncover wonderful scenery and creatures. Ponta do Ouro’s underwater reserve, as well as Pemba, are amazing means to hang out by the water. The scuba diving and safari options in Mozambique along with the access it offers to another world-renowned National Parks makes Mozambique the perfect spot for nature lovers of all sorts.


Kruger National Park is actually a world renowned nature reserve situated in South Africa. Almost 2 million hectares are the home of an unbelievable variety of wildlife and plant species, which makes safaris here the home for the Big Five. Each and every tourist to Kruger hopes to see buffalo, lion, leopard, rhino as well as elephant.

This unique country is likewise a perfect getaway spot for adventures like sunset cruises, snorkelling, dolphin tours, horse-riding as well as deep-sea diving ready to keep even the most energetic tourist entertained.The southern waters away from Mozambique function as a winter breeding place for the humpback whale, that could also be seen around more northern areas in between July and October.