Botswana is among the last remaining wild spots in the world, where you can find a tremendous variety of animals and birdlife. It’s a pristine land of enchantment and eternal splendor – wide-open spots; cloudless skies; impressive salt pans; diamond-rich wilderness; rich flood plains; huge grasslands; as well as spotless forests.


Having an area of 582,000 square kilometers, the country is a bit bigger than France, or a bit smaller compared to Texas. Roughly two-thirds of the nation is situated around the Tropics. Botswana is famous to have some of the finest forests and wildlife locations around the continent of African.


With 38 % of the area dedicated to nature parks, game reserves as well as wildlife management zones – in most cases unfenced, letting animals wander free and wild. Touring through numerous areas of the country has always the experience of travelling over an enormous natural wonderland.

The land is sparsely inhabited since around 70% of the nation is included by the Kalahari Desert, the wide arid to the semi-arid terrain in Southern Africa covering up a lot of areas in Botswana and regions of Namibia as well as South Africa. Botswana’s inhabitants of less than two million people (in 2015) are centered around the eastern section of the country.


Greatly known for being a top sustainable tourism spot, the system to low-impact tourism allows preservation of Botswana’s natural resources as well as plentiful animals, protects the cultural heritage, as well as helps the local communities. Tourists to Botswana gain an advantage as well – enjoying all Botswana is offering without worrying about the crowds of people.


Mother nature and wild animals are the main attraction for a lot of tourists, however, remember to make time to become familiar with the pleasing people of Botswana, go to the villages and towns and discover first-hand the vibrant cultural heritage.

The Botswana safari isn’t only a “journey of a lifetime”; as soon as you visit there you will wish to come back over and over again. If you are journeying by yourself, being a couple, or along with friends or family, Botswana is the perfect option for a genuine African safari experience.