About Us


Toffie Tours was launched with the idea that other travellers would share their desire to experience real adventures in a very sensible and sustainable way. We have grown from a number of trips all over Cape Town to many hundreds of adventures spanning the whole South Africa and even beyond! Over hundreds of travellers experience the real-world along with us each year. Just what hasn’t changed is our very own desire for ensuring that you get behind the scenes to see and experience the real life adventure in a genuine and sustainable way.

You can find as numerous travel companies to look around the whole South Africa, since there are so many places to discover. Toffie Tours travellers are searching for something much more than just a plane ticket, an accommodation, as well as a tour in a bus or bike. We make travel significant by imagining small, imagining local, and thinking of what exactly advantages the traveller, the trip, as well as the whole South Africa can give.

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Toffie Tours is surely an adventure travel pioneer providing the South Africa’s most awe-inspiring choice of affordable small-group tours, safaris as well as excursions. Our award-winning trips incorporate unique accommodation, amazing dishes and local transport to set travellers on a first-name basis with South Africa’s people, cultures, scenery as well as animals.