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Cape Town

Top 5 Things To Do When You Visit Cape Town South Africa

Table Mountain and Clifton Beach

Cape Town South Africa is right on the coast, and it's one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Are you ready to visit Table Mountain and Clifton Beach? There are all kinds of places of interest to discover when you get to the capital city of the Cape Province. Also known as the Mother City and Tavern of the Seas, Cape Town is going to make for a wonderful vacation experience for you and yours. Here are the top 5 things to do in Cape Town South Africa.

Table View

If you're up for some spectacular views, then you are going to want to stop by Table Mountain and get on the Aerial Cableway. It's the #1 ranked attraction in Cape Town for a reason because you literally get the best views of the Mother City. You will find the Lower Cable Station on Tafelberg Road in Cape Town Central. People say that it is quite the experience to be sure.

Mojo Market

When looking for the best shopping that cape Town has to offer, you will want to check out Mojo Market. Technically in Sea Point at 30 Regent Road, Mojo Market is definitely one of the top attractions for people vacationing in Cape Town. It's all about food and lifestyle, an immersion into Cape Town culture. You will also find live entertainment, and you will be able to check out great views of the sea while there.

Seal Island

When it comes to being out in nature, you have several choices, but Seal Island is certainly one of the best options. Part of False Bay, Seal Island got its name for a reason. You're not just going to see a few seals. You're going to see tons of them. If you want to have this experience, what you need to look at doing is booking a Seal Island cruise.

Seal Island

Cape Point Nature Reserve

Another great place to be out in nature is Cape Point Nature Reserve. It's part of Cape Town Central in Table Mountain National Park. The flora, fauna and scenic beauty of Cape Point is going to be a wonderful sight to see. There is much history to the place, too, and it's a World Heritage Site. There is a great restaurant over there that you might want to check out, too, and it's called Two Oceans Restaurant. Also, have you heard of the Flying Dutchman Funicular?

Cape Town Travel

And while other attractions have put you right on the beach in this coastal city, you still want to know which beach to visit to soak up the sun, right? Boulders Beach is one of the best picks, and you're going to get to see some African penguins. You're going to be close to Simon's Town, just so you have another point of reference.

Hout Bay

That's five of the best places to visit in Cape Town, and I'm going to give you a bonus pick. Hout Bay is also quite popular to visit, and it's certainly quite the unique Cape Town Central destination. You're right there on the ocean checking out an old fishing village. There are mountains right there as well, and you will also find wine farms. Hout Bay has quite the history, and it's a great place to get into all kinds of fun.

Hout Bay Beach

Prepare for some great adventures as you travel to Cape Town, South Africa. You're going to really enjoy this vacation, and who knows what all you will get into while there. You've identified some of the top places of interest, and there are plenty more to discover. Travel around Cape Town, and get to the history and the culture of The Mother City.

african safari destinations

Top African Safari Destinations

An African safari is an adventure quite unlike any other. The African wildlife is completely distinct and unparalleled throughout the rest of the world. The wide range of African Safari destinations provides vast scope for all kinds of wonderful wildlife adventures and African wilderness experiences. Although each African safari destination is different, visitors can expect vast African wilderness with spectacular landscapes and magnificent wildlife. Here are the top African Safari Destinations:

Chobe National Park, Botswana

Chobe National Park in northern Botswana is one of the top African safari destinations. It is home to some of Africa's highest concentrations of game, with the region boasting the largest continuous elephant population in Africa. Chobe is also a stronghold of endangered species such as wild dog, cheetah, and brown hyena. Chobe National Park is also known for its excellent game viewing boat cruises along the Chobe River, which attracts plenty of animals and birds. The park covers a diversity of ecosystems, ranging from arid plains and dry channels to fertile grasslands, dense woods, and watery swamps. The best time to visit Chobe is in the months of April to October. During these months, herds of wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, antelopes, and buffalo gather at the banks of Chobe River to drink.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania is a classical safari destination and is one of the top African safari destinations. Serengeti acts as the main stage of the dramatic Great Migration where endless herds of zebra and wildebeest gather to graze, mate and give birth. This African safari is also home to Africa's largest population of lions. The Grumeti River inside the park hosts some of the largest Nile crocodiles in the world. Truly, Serengeti National Park makes for an unparalleled African safari experience of a lifetime.

top African Safari Destinations

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Among the top African safari destinations is the Masai Mara National Reserve. Masai Mara is a large game reserve in Narok County, Kenya. It boasts effortless vistas and dramatic game viewing, with rolling grasslands and scattered acacia woodland. This National Reserve is famous for its exceptional population of Masai lions, African leopards, and Kenyan cheetahs. One the highlights in Maasai Mara is the Great Migration. It is the annual migration from July to October of millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle where you can witness the animals stampeding across the plains in search of greener grass.

Masai Mara is also a place to see the elusive African Wild Dogs. The wild dogs disappeared entirely from the Masai Mara in the early 1990's and were presumed to be extinct. However, they started showing up again on Masaai lands ten years later. Visiting Maasai Mara also offers the opportunity to encounter the local Maasai tribes in their bright red robes who live in and around the safari, coexisting with its wildlife. Indeed, Maasai Mara National Reserve is Kenya's quintessential safari destination.

Etosha National Park, Namibia

Etosha National Park is Namibia's top game park and is regarded as one of the top African safari destinations. Its name is from the large Etosha pan which is almost entirely within the park. Etosha is home to Africa's tallest elephants, the endangered black rhino, cheetah, and perennial springs luring the big cats. It also boasts thick woodlands and lush grasslands which attracts plenty of game and birds.

etosha national park

Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is a 65 000-hectare safari situated in the southwestern corner of the world-renowned Kruger National Park. The park's name comes from the Sabie River on its southern boundary and the Sand River flowing through it. It is the most prestigious game reserve in South Africa and is famous for incredible sightings of Africa's Big 5. Other animals that roam this reserve are the cheetah, hippopotamus, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, hyena, and Cape wild dog.  Sabi Sands offers breathtaking scenery and luxury lodges. High-quality service, excellent cuisine, and world-class facilities are to be expected in Sabi Sands. Without a doubt, Sabi Sands is the ideal place to experience an incredible African safari.


A Tour at Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa. It covers nearly 2 million hectares of protected areas. The Kruger National Park is the flagship of the country's national parks and is known for its ultimate safari experience. To the west and south of the Kruger National Park are the two South African provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. In the north is Zimbabwe, and to the east is Mozambique. The park is part of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere an area designated by the UNESCO as an International Man and Biosphere Reserve.

kruger national park

The Wildlife

The Kruger National Park is not only known for its natural beauty, it is also known for its diverse and flourishing wildlife. It is home to a number of species including 147 mammals, 114 reptiles, 507 Bird Species and 34 Amphibians. Africa's Big 5, lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos are frequently sighted. The African wild dogs, antelope, Springhare, Spotted Hyena, civets, zebra, baboons, and monkeys can also be found in Kruger.

Out of the 507 species of birds found at Kruger, 253 are residents, 117 non-breeding migrants, and 147 nomads. Some of the vast and diverse population of interesting birds are African Fish Eagle, Pennant-winged Nightjar, Croaking Cisticola, Pel's Fishing-Owl, Fan-tailed Flycatcher (Grey Tit-flycatcher), Woodward's Batis, Orange-winged (Golden-backed) Pytilia, Acacia Pied Barbet, Trumpeter Hornbills, Red-winged Starlings, Rufous-bellied Heron, White-backed night heron, White-fronted Plover, and White-crowned Lapwing (Plover).

Some of the reptiles found in Kruger are Nile Crocodile, Snakes, Leopard tortoise, Cape terrapin, giant plated lizard, Transvaal flat gecko, Turner's thick toed gecko, Flap-necked chameleon, Eastern tiger snake, short footed burrowing skink, Barberton girdled lizard, Rock leguaan, Common African python, Cape wolf snake, common puffadder and black mamba.


Flora and Fauna

There are 336 Tree Species in the park. Plants life in the Kruger National Park consists of four main areas: Thorn trees and red bush-willow veld, Knob-thorn and marula veld, Red bush-willow and mopane veld and Shrub mopane veld. The thorn trees and red bush-willow veld lies between the western boundary and roughly the center of the park south of the Olifants River with a great number of red bush-willow, Acacia, and Marula trees. The Knob-thorn and marula veld provides the most important grazing-land in the south of the Olifants River. The Red bush-willow and mopane veld lie in the north of the Olifants River. The Shrub mopane covers almost the entire north-eastern part of the park.

Things to do in Kruger National park

Game Drives

game drives

For those who want to experience wildlife encounters, the private game lodges offer game drives. A game drive is a highlight to any day as guests venture out on the back of an off-road vehicle to the bush in hot pursuit of an up-close encounter with the animals. Game drives are conducted by experienced rangers who will impart to you their knowledge about the animals and the wild. Games drives can be morning drives, sunset drives, night drives and usually include a coffee break, breakfast or sundowners in the bush as part of the game drive experience.

Bush Walks


Guests can also explore the Kruger National Park on foot. Guided bush walks are designed to enable the guests to take a much closer look at the ecosystem. It allows guests to see smaller details which cannot be seen during game drives. During bush walks, guests get to experience the excitement of tracking a rhino or elephant or lion on foot through the heat of the bush. Bush walks can last up to four hours and mostly conducted by the camps during morning or afternoon.

Wilderness Trails


If game drives and bush walks are not enough, guests can go on adventures in Kruger's wilderness trails. Some of the most incredible wilderness trails in Kruger National Park are Metsi-Metsi, Napi Wilderness Trail, Bushmans Wilderness Trail, Sweni Wilderness, Nyalaland, and Wolhuter. Guests will experience the wildness, remoteness, tranquility, and peace in the wilderness trails. The wilderness is perfect for small groups. It requires a certain level of fitness and stamina to survive days in the trails. Staying in a rustic, primitive camp and experiencing the African bush on foot for a few days is definitely an authentic wilderness experience.



Discover The Best Beaches Of Brazil

Traveling to Brazil can be very exciting because it is often considered an exotic land that you are going to fall in love with time and time again. However, what you need to realize is Brazil is also a land that has beaches galore that you can enjoy. The only downside is you need to make sure you know what makes the best beaches to go to in Brazil and which ones you should be hitting up on your vacation. By using this simple guide it will be easy to find the best beaches to visit in Brazil.

Praia de Pipa is located in the Northeast of Brazil, but it is a place that has a quaint little village that is going to be seen here but also has quite a bit of thing for you to do as well. You just have to remember the beaches here are stunning and amazing, but when combined with the water it is going to make it easier for you to have a great time and know the beach while growing in popularity is not going to be so crowded that you cannot move on it.


Morro de Sao Paulo is a beach town that is on its own little island. So you will get a lot of the isolation that you want to have when you are traveling, but you will also enjoy the fact that this is a beach resort area that will allow you to have the beach to yourself for the most part and not have to worry about your place in paradise becoming overran with people.

Alagoas is a place that you will really want to go to if you want to get away from everything. This is a state in Brazil that is rarely visited. However, what you will find here is some of the most pristine beaches you can locate in Brazil and this will make it easier for you to have a great trip and know it is going to make it easier for you to have a great vacation because you literally will not be bugged by anyone and the locals, because of the lack of true tourism are usually very warm and welcoming. So this makes it easier for you to connect with the culture that is present and know it is going to be great for your needs.


Jericoacoara is a beach town that you will like visiting as well. This is a beach that has some of the best-looking sunsets when you are standing on the sand dunes. This way you are able to get the best views of the beach and the sunset. However, you will also find the beach itself is rather large and if the crowds start to get to be too much you can sneak off to a new area of the beach and enjoy yourself again.


Trancoso is the best beach in Brazil as you can tell by the number of people that go to it, but also who these people are. The beach is nice and fairly well protected from any of the weather issues, but it also has a great atmosphere that will make you think of the party life that you see on some of the movies that are talking about Brazil.


Being able to travel to Brazil can be exciting, but you need to make sure you know about the beaches that are present in the country. By knowing about some of these beaches you will notice they are going to provide you with hours of fun, but also make it easier for you to have a great time on your vacation.


The Top 5 Must See Sights Bolivia

Today in this article, we discuss the "5 must see sights" located in the country of Bolivia. Bolivia is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. The first sight worth seeing within this lovely land is called the Valley Of The Moon. The Valley of the Moon is about 6.2 miles from La Paz, in the town of Mallasa. The ground of this attraction is covered with sharp, upward facing rocks. There are many caverns in the clay and sandstone of this desert landscape.


The second must see sight located within Bolivia is The Witches Market, which is a small strip of vendors, and other individuals, such as storytellers, dealing in goods. This is a place to visit with an open mind. This location is certainly not for those tourists who are a bit squeamish. The Witches Market is a great place to purchase trinkets and souvenirs that you would not find anywhere else. For example, the dried llama fetuses are among the most prominent products available at the market. There are also items constructed out of snake remains, bird feathers, and other ingredients as well. This is just a small list of the strange things you may see when visiting The Witches Market. Bolivians that are more well off sacrifice a living llama to Pachamama, a goddess who is worshiped by those who reside in the Andes. The less financially secure living in Bolivia usually bury a dead lama fetus at the foundation of any building being erected as a sacrifice to keep the builders safe.


Coming in at number three of Bolivia's top five must-see sights is known as none other than Death Road. This treacherous tourist attraction is one of the most sought after locations for those who like to ride a bicycle. This is the most dangerous road in the world and located along a mountain side, it's a risky challenge for those who dare to embark on it. On this road, over 200 people die each year, so it is definitely an attraction that is not for the faint of heart.


The fourth must see sight in the country of Bolivia is Lake Titicaca. Around the lake, there are ancient ruins and traditional villages. The lake itself is the world's largest high-altitude lake. It is something that must be seen to be fully appreciated. There are boat tours on the water that take people to the Isla del Sol. This tour is full of information and a great background of the history of Bolivia. When in Bolivia, this sacred lake is definitely a location worth seeing.


The last on our list of the top five must-see sights in Bolivia is Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz provides an opportunity to enjoy the nightlife in this wonderful country. This is the most prosperous city in Bolivia. It's full of delicious places to eat, as it has some of the world's most diverse international cuisine. Shopping is also quite amazing in the city of Santa Cruz. This city is one you should stop into when on vacation in Bolivia.


If you are thinking about planning a trip to Bolivia, these top five must see sights are sure to make your vacation a memorable one. With a rich culture and history, and beautiful mountainous landscape, you are sure to enjoy your stay. Visit a wonderful lake, stop by The Witches Market for some unique souvenirs, explore a valley, witness a treacherous path (as safely as possible!), and dance the night away in Santa Cruz. Your trip is sure to produce memories that will last you a lifetime.